3 Tips for Taking an Eco Friendly Holiday to Egypt

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Egypt is a popular holiday destination, with thousands of people visiting every year on their travels. However, with large resorts prominent in many of Egypt’s top destinations it can be difficult to ensure yor trip is eco friendly. Below are three tips to help you make your trip as friendly to the environment as possible…

Stay in Eco Villages

There are many eco villages to choose from in Egypt, particularly on the South Coast, and these make a great alternative to the big hotels which ae littered in the main resorts. These villages make much more efficient use of power and put systems in place to ensure the environment is impacted in the minimum possible way from your stay.

Take Care When Diving

Many people visit Egypt to experience to fantastic underwater sights of the Red Sea. However, if not apporached correctly divers can damage the beautiful coral just from coming into contact with it. Enjoy your diving, but ensure you go with reputable companies who are very clear and careful with their instructions on what to do and do their best to minimise any impact on the coral and sea life.

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Travel by Public Transport

If you are moving around Egypt and visiting different areas then do so using public transport rather than driving separately in a car. Public transport is a great way to cut down on emissions and the impact on the world. Whilst taking slightly longer, it will have a major long term positive effect on the world if enough people do it.

How to Learn a Language Fluently

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Learning a language is a complex process that requires time and effort to reach the fluency stage, the stage where writing, reading and even listening is flowing without difficulties. It is not easy, but it is fulfilling and rewarding especially if you like travelling and experiencing a different kind of the world than what you are used to.


There are a dozen rules that you need to remember when learning a foreign language, with these rules grasped always remember you need all the help to learn. It is therefore very crucial to focus on pronunciation first, much like the way you first started with ABC. Scientifically it is hard for you to remember words that you cannot pronounce properly and this is especially difficult if you’re trying to learn to speak Polish which has lots of different sounds. One of the major problems of learning a new language is the fact that there are a lot of hard to pronounce words which makes it hard to memorize, but if you start with listening to pronunciation from the very beginning, your journey will be easier.

For you to pronounce words properly, you will need to train your ears to listen and practice with your mouth saying the words in the targeted language. After learning this process then you will be able to speak better, comprehend easily and will help you become fluent in the long run.


Immersion is the key to learning a new language; otherwise it would not make any sense listening and reading your target language and have no one to speak with. This is why travelling to the country where the language is spoken is most crucial. If you want to learn a language and eventually become fluent, you need to avoid major cities and target smaller towns in the country of your choice. For example if you are learning French, it is better in the smaller town than in Paris because there are more native speakers who will not pressure you to speak in English. On the other hand you can connect with friends from other countries who speak a different language and practice speaking with them on a regular basis. This is particularly important if you are trying to learn to speak Russian or languages like that as the sounds are so different.


Once you have had a grip with pronunciation, have a decent vocabulary through practicing and familiar with grammar, you can go ahead and start writing essays, watching movies and programs and reading books that will enrich your language. In this way you will achieve more and learn more, with time you will not struggle to write or speak fluently in the language you intend to learn. Use resources such as learnhebrewwizard.com to help you along the way.


When you travel to a foreign country and intend to learn a language, stay with a host family; it is always fun and rewarding as you learn the language at a more personal level than you would ever learn in a classroom. This is because you get to learn things a teacher would never say in a classroom, or learn to say things that can never be found in phrase books.

Going Green on Safaris in Namibia

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Safaris often involve covering a lot of ground, but it’s important to keep nature in mind and that should be easier than usual on a safari more than any other holiday.

Nowadays, it’s more possible than ever to have an eco friendly safari, with a luxury safari in Namibia one of the prime places to do this.

Below are 3 tips to keep your safari eco friendly:

Support Local Enterprises

Ensure that the safari company you choose helps the local economy by using local businesses as you travel. This will help the locals maintain the area and people can keep visiting for years to come.


Ensure that all that is used on your tour is recycled and local resources are stretched as far as possible. Irresponsible companies use up resources and then discard them without thought for the future.

Local Guides

Tourism is the main source of income in these areas, so using local guides is crucial to keep their livelihood. They will also likely know much more about the area so enhance your trip more.

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How to Find the Best Villas in Malta for a Green Holiday

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Malta is a stunning destination which not only has fantastic beaches, beautiful cities and beautiful blue seas, but also some of the best villas around the Mediterranean. Whether you want a traditional Maltese villa, villas in Malta with a pool or a Malta farmhouse, you will certainly be able to find them. There are also many fantastic options for green villas which are environmentally friendly and reduce the impact of your visit.

We’ve put together some tips on how to find your perfect villa for your holiday in Malta so you can relax in dream accommodation whilst exploring the fantastic places around Malta’s archipelago:

Check Out Malta Websites

Specific websites about Malta will likely have great information about specific villas as well as tips and advice for your holiday in general. usually the people who run these sites will be based in Malta and so you can contact them and ask for help and advice on which villas are available and who to get in touch with.

Sites like this should be perfect – http://www.maltaholidays.uk.com/

Look at Villa Websites

There are lots of websites out there which list villas around the whole world. No doubt there will be some villas in Malta included in the list and you can peruse them to you hearts content. These usually have an excellent array of photos so you can see exactly what you’re getting, and will allow you to get in touch with the owner to discuss things further.

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Read Local Publications

There are always ads in local newspapers and its more than likely that these newspapers now have an online version. Check out the online versions and you should be able to get details of the villas available, or at the very least contact someone who can send you more details.

Green Oban Accommodation

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Oban is a small town on the west coast of Scotland and is home to some stunning scenery, with millions of tourists visiting every year. It is also home to some fantastic green accommodation. Oban holiday cottages are renowned for their friendliness to the environment, which is unsurprising when located somewhere so rural and in such beautiful environmental surroundings.

If you’re thinking about going on a holiday to Oban then you have to stay in one of its beautiful holiday cottages, which provide the perfect base to explore the coast and also soak up the atmosphere in Oban itself.

For more information visit http://www.bonawehouse.co.uk/

When you’re in the west coast of Scotland there are many activities available to you. Go fishing, visit the numerous islands across from the coast, or just relax on the beaches, which could be confused for being in the Caribbean if only the weather wasn’t quite so chilly most of the time!

Whatever you’re looking for from your holidays, there is no doubt that a trip to Oban will satisfy them, and you can rest easy that you will also be friendly to the world we live in at the same time.

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How to Take a Holiday and Stay Friendly to the Environment

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In today’s world, everywhere is so close and achievable in terms of being a potential holiday destination. But what impact has that had on the world? Are we damaging the earth by travelling to far away places for our annual holidays and is it something the world can continue to be subjected to?

Below are 5 tips to help you travel green and keep our tourism industry sustainable:

Avoid Flights:

Flying is the mode of transportation with the biggest carbon footprint. Avoid this and you will help keep your holidays a greener place. Travel on the ground as much as you can and only resort to flights for long distance journeys.

Pick Carefully:

There are more and more green accommodations popping up around the world, do your research and make sure you stay in them.

Support Local:

When on your holiday, try and support the local economy. Buy food form local vendors and not large corporations and put your tourist money back into the hands of the local people.

Switch Off:

Make sure that when you leave home for your holidays you unplug your belongings and switch everything off. Even just leaving things on standby can waste a lot of energy.


Make sure that whilst away you don’t waste resources which may be in short supply. Water is one example where you don’t need to leave taps running as often it will be in short supply.

These are just a few ways the travelling green can help us preserve the world to enjoy much more in years to come.

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